A Distinct and Directed Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

Preparing Minds and Hearts to Impact the World for Christ

Our Vision:

MVCA steps out boldly in faith to be the best Christian school in Greater Cincinnati, producing graduates who possess Godly leadership and Kingdom influence achieved through:
    1. A Christ-centered environment
    2. Academic excellence
    3. A loving family community
    4. Godly character development


Our Academy is a place where students want to be. It is a safe, fun and exciting environment that emphasizes the development of Christian character along with academic excellence. Our intimate classrooms provide individual attention and discipleship to every student. We provide Biblically integrated academic and spiritual guidance to our students, so that they are confident in whom they are in Christ.

Our Curriculum provides rigorous academic instruction from a biblical worldview. We believe the Bible is the ultimate truth and authority for this world and our lives, and that Christ is at the center of all we teach. We aim to discover and develop the unique gifts and abilities of every student, tailoring our offerings and approaches to provide for success. We strive to position our learning environment at the leading edge of technology.

Our Students possess exceptional character and integrity. They seek to serve others and glorify God in all they do. When our students leave MVCA, they are servant leaders – in their families, communities, churches, and in their chosen profession.

Our Staff and Faculty are Christian role models, qualified and degreed. Faculty and staff build strong and enduring relationships with students and their families. The administration, faculty and staff are strengthened through prayer, friendship and daily devotional time together.

Our Families are active in their respective churches and engaged in the Christian education of their children. Each family has made a commitment to Christ and to support our academy with their prayers, time, talent and treasure.

Our Culture is one of Christian love, support, and joyful service to others. Prayer guides our decisions and actions. The Holy Spirit is evident at the Academy through our actions and our relationship with others. Criticism or ostracism due to theological or denominational differences is not allowed. In times of hardship, individuals and families can count on the MVCA community to come alongside and rally in support.

Our Co-Curriculars provide opportunities for our students to get involved with their friends and to just have fun. We provide academic, artistic, and athletic activities that help our students build skills, gain confidence and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Academy is financially viable. We are building a broad donor support network that consistently partners with us to meet the Academy’s vision and mission. Financial aid is available to help supplement tuition to anyone who qualifies through an independent third party evaluation. The financial blessings we enjoy are truly a gift from God used to accomplish His will and purpose through the Academy.

For more information about Miami Valley Christian Academy, including its academics, mission, and vision, please visit MVCA-OH.com.