Bible Based Character Development

Bible Based Character Development

MVCA is committed to making Christ and biblical principles the center of all that we do, from preschool to high school, both inside the classroom and outside of the classroom in our co-curriculars.  A distinctive at MVCA is our high school discipleship program. Those classes are designed to move beyond just knowledge of Christ and His Kingdom mandates toward a living revelation of how to personally know Christ and live out those Kingdom principles.

Our vision is for each student to make an impact on the world in which the student lives.  Currently, we are developing a Kingdom curriculum to expand our exciting discipleship program . We plan to publish this curriculum so that we may partner with other Christian institutions in graduating students who will implement the principles of God’s Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.

With your help we can:

  1. Formalize our Bible based character development program by weaving into all curriculum Academy-wide
  2. Upgrade the elementary chapel
  3. Increase our outreach/service opportunities
  4. Develop and publish our Kingdom Curriculum

* Renderings not exact but indicate future direction