Tami and Andy Williams

Parents of Two MVCA Students

Andy and Tami have had two children at MVCA for the past 9 years.  They live in the Milford area and have both been very involved in many activities at MVCA, including scouts and the annual PTO Scrappin’ Lion Crop.

Anne and David Pansing

Parents of an 8th Grader at MVCA

Anne & David have one child that completed her first year at MVCA last year. They live in the Eastgate area and look forward to another great year at MVCA.

Tameka Johnson

Parent of Two MVCA Students

Tameka has a 10th grader and a Kindergartner at MVCA. Her oldest son is a participant in drama and plays on the MVCA football team.

Joe and Sandy Moreland

Parents of 3 MVCA Students and 1 Alumni

The Moreland’s have had children at the Academy since 1998.  Living nearby has helped since they spend so much time at Academy activities and events.

Lynda Lunn

Parent of MVCA Graduates and MVCA Principal

Lynda has been at MVCA for 11 years. The first year was as a parent and then joined the staff a year later as a teacher. Lynda has served as Elementary Principal is now the Academy Principal. Lynda’s son was in the first graduating class and her daughter graduated 4 years later.

Rob and Tracy Ficker

Parents of MVCA Students

Rob and Tracy enrolled both of their children in the Academy in 2004, with Tracy serving several of the years since then on staff in teaching or administrative positions. They have volunteered in countless leadership and servant roles spanning all aspects of MVCA. They greatly appreciate the MVCA “family” and the blessings this community has brought into their lives.